Muto eBikes Arrive In Hull!

After much searching we have finally added an eBike to our range.

Muto is a multi-purpose step-through eBike with a wide selection of interchangeable accessories, making it ideal for commuting and weekend leisure rides.

Available in four stunning colours:

Arctic White Piano Black Koala Grey Electric Blue

Muto has many clever touches and cool design features. For example, the innovative 'Click & Roll' system lets you switch accessories in seconds without needing any tools. So as your mobility needs change, your Muto can adapt and change with them.

It also has a removable battery that is integrated (and locks) into the 'M' frame meaning the design isn't compromised by an unsightly bolt-on battery. Muto’s drive-train consists of a maintenance-free Gates carbon belt drive and Nexus 8 internal geared hub. That means eight speeds with no rust, no derailleur, no external lubrication, and no splatter on your trousers.

For more details please click on the following link:

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